HONESTY: We know that jewelry and gems can be a mystery to most people. We don't play games or sell lies. We believe being honest and upfront about what you have or what we are selling is the easiest and the best policy.

INTEGRITY: Trust is the most important part of our business. 90% of our business is from word of mouth advertising. So keeping our reputation impeccable is very important to us. 


In todays market we know you can buy a diamond or piece of jewelry many places. What you cannot easily find is a gemstone or piece of jewelry you would be proud to wear at a bargain price. We do not sell the cookie cutter jewelry that big box stores pump out. When you buy an item from us you will not have to worry about stones falling out or shoddy workmanship. All of our items are made in the U.S.A. And sold at bargain prices compared to our competitors.

In closing your money will go father buying from us, because we are a small family owned, father and son company. Not a big retail shop with a lot of overhead. You are buying direct from the source, we are the Bench Jewelers and Diamond Cutters, not paid salespeople that buy their merchandise from a manufacture like us. We will go above and beyond to earn your business. So please give us a call today.